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Is it the beginning of a new era?

China’s CTO/MTO Boom

Can china's coal-to-olefins and methanol-to-olefins ambitions survive the plunge in crude oil prices?

Massive investments in China to expand CTO and MTO capacity now face challenging times. With the plunge in crude oil prices eroding the competitive edge they once had versus naphtha, will this boom end soon or is it the beginning of a new era?

  • Falling prices impact MTO profitability

    Despite the boom in new MTO capacity in China, can producers endure such heavy pricing pressures?

  • China's demand for polymers drives the boom

    Will China's continued insatiable demand for polymers support this new CTO/MTO capacity despite low prices?

  • MTO to swing the methanol markets

    Can the surge in MTO capacity be supported by international methanol spot markets?